10 Thing you should Know About uPVC.

Why Melbourne residents are choosing PVC And UPVC Double Glazed Windows!


1. Adds Value To Everyday Life And Facilitates A Higher Standard Of Living

PVC (or vinyl), the primary material used in our PVC double glazed windows, is the leading plastic material in the construction market. 70 – 80% of this plastic polymer that is manufactured in Australia is used in building and construction products due to its low maintenance factor. This material has proven to both outlast and outperform its competition as such making quality housing more affordable.

2. Designed For Durability

90 % of this plastic polymer’s applications are designed for medium or long-term use. Resistant to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock, and abrasion our UPVC windows are well suited to Melbourne’s weather conditions. Studies have shown Nu-Eco’s PVC double glazed windows to have working lives of over 40 years, making them a worthwhile and durable investment for your property.

3. Low Embodied Energy

With lower feedstock energy, especially in comparison to other polymers and common building materials, it is the least energy intensive of all thermoplastics in the market. This material has achieved considerable energy savings over the last six years and has played an integral role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Join us in taking steps towards a more eco-friendly future with our UPVC windows.

4. Partly Derived From An Abundantly Renewable Resource – Salt

More than 50% of its feedstock is derived from salt, a plentiful and renewable resource. The remaining 43% of PVC comes from petroleum feedstock, meaning that the material that goes into our PVC double glazed windows consumes less non-renewable resources than other polymers and building materials in the market.

5. Low Maintenance

Products derived from this plastic polymer require little to no maintenance over their lifespan, a benefit that is both environmental and economical. Sturdily built so as to suit the conditions in Melbourne, our PVC double glazed windows require less cleaning and general upkeep.

6. Recyclable

The vinyl industry is working hand in hand with the building and construction sector to establish programs for collection and recycling of building waste. At the end of a product’s useful life, if it isn’t feasible to recycle it, it can be safely incinerated or deposited in a landfill. When you invest in our UPVC windows, you are doing your part in creating an eco-friendly future.

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7. Additives Have Been Carefully Researched

Additives used in PVC are regulated by a number of agencies, including Australian Standards and the State Environmental Protection Agencies.

8. Well Known And Tested Fire Performance

Inherently flame retardant due to its chlorine base and it does not readily ignite. Most PVC products will not continue to burn once a flame source has been removed.

9. Strict Manufacturing Standards

The manufacture of this plastic polymer, like many other production processes, is closely regulated to minimise its impact on human health and the environment. Our UPVC windows comply with all these regulations making them one of the most eco-friendly options in Melbourne.

10. Credentials Confirmed By Science

A recent independent study by CSIRO concluded that “the adverse environmental effects of using PVC in building products are very small, and no greater than those for other materials.” In 2004, the European Union published a review of life cycle assessments of PVC and competing materials only to make a similar finding.

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Information above obtained from the Vinyl Council of Australia.