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Compare PVC Windows To Alternatives

Wooden Windows – Avoid the Rot

Though wood and PVC share similar qualities in terms of thermal efficiency, wood’s high maintenance makes it a less desirable option. With out continual maintenance wooden windows will rot (shown in pictures) and require continual maintenance.  Thousands of dollars over the life of the wooden windows will be spent on up keep, therefore making wooden windows the most uneconomical window solution for your home.  When comparing prices against uPVC windows consider that the price for wooden windows does not include initial painting and continual maintenance cost.

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PVC Double Glazed Windows Are Unsurpassed In Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium windows exhibit the same low maintenance characteristics as our PVC double glazed windows but uPCV outperform aluminium primarily due to its thermal efficiency. Aluminium’s high thermal conductance means that it readily conducts heat and cold. This means that heat loss is readily expedited, thereby making it one of the most inefficient options on the market.  Condensation of the window frames is another by-product of the thermal conductivity of the aluminium frame and the only way to alleviate this issue with Aluminium Windows is to introduce a Thermal break between the inside and outside.  Some of the newer Aluminium Windows systems do have a the option of a thermal break but it comes at a cost, in some cases more than double that of the equivalent UPVC product.

Aluminium Windows are cut and assembled after painting and normally have raw ends at any join.  In extreme condition such as a coastal region,  Filiform Corrosion can form at the joints and whilst not affecting the product structurally, the corrosion looks unsightly.

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 Make The Change Today

PVC double glazed windows stand out from their wooden and aluminium counterparts due to their durability, thermal efficiency and low maintenance.  Our team of experts can help you choose the right UPVC windows for your new Melbourne home. All our products come with a 10 year guarantee. Our PVC double glazed windows won’t just save you money on your energy bill but will add value to your new home. Furthermore, we offer PVC replacement window services where our installation crew will measure, remove and replace your old windows with our thermally efficient PVC replacement windows. Fill in our online request form for a free quote, give us a call at 1300 438 333 or get in touch online to make the switch today.