PVC Double Glazed Windows Offer Superior Quality And Superior Performance

It is important to note that your decisions on the type of windows to install in your household will directly impact upon your daily energy consumption, as they are often the weakest link in terms of thermal efficiency.


Keep The Temperature Up And Energy Bills Down With Our PVC Double Glazed Windows

Constructed using two panes of glass joined together by a spacer bar and silicone, our PVC double glazed windows are Melbourne’s answer to high energy consumption. With the use of argon filled glass units and low-E glass, our UPVC windows are an efficient and functional preventative measure against exorbitant energy bills.

Our low-E glass is one of the technological marvels of today’s building and construction industries. During Melbourne’s cold winter months, the low-E glass in our UPVC windows will bounce the majority of the heat generated by your heater back into your home. This results in a more efficient use of your heater, thereby reducing your bills and directly impacting upon your carbon footprint.

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The thermal benefits of our PVC double glazed windows ensure more sustainable energy use in your household by facilitating insulation and preventing excessive heat loss. Lower your energy bills by investing in our PVC double glazed windows or our replacement window services today.

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Noise Reduction Capabilities

Argon gas and low-E glass options don’t just provide thermal benefits but also have the capacity to reduce noise transfer. Nu-Eco has perfected the multi-chambered profile for effective acoustic insulation. Our PVC double glazed windows all carry this multi-chambered design which creates multiple blockages that effectively reduce sound transmission for better insulation.

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Secure By Design

We use superior European hardware which combine multi-point espagnolette locking systems with additional shoot bolts to all opening windows ensuring unrivalled security for your home. All our products are internally glazed as an added security measure against break-ins. These features alongside with out 10 year guarantee distinguish our UPVC windows as one of the most secure options in Melbourne’s market.

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